About Us

We are a bunch of people who started photography, not as a profession but passion. We started taking pictures on our cell phone cameras and now we do it by a professional one. But it's not the medium where we exactly started photography. Its the imagination which inspired us to find and freeze the perfect moment forever and a camera became our true friend.

Initially, our best customers were our friends for whom we used to click pictures and by observing their comments we learnt about matching our imagination and people's requirements. We started clicking a lot of pictures and kept very few. This is where we learnt about quality from quantity.

Editing a picture was also an important factor which we felt like an important skill a photographer should have. Day by day our curiosity towards the subject made us read and learn more and more things about photography. But experience is the best teacher they say. And this is how portrait photography became our first step in the game.

After a while ago, I was going through an album of my cousin's marriage and by observing that with every frame I was imagining my way of doing it and suddenly realised that I should give it a chance too. By experimenting on it I was surprised by the positive response I received and this is how it led me to wedding photography as a second but important step of my career.

Meet the Team

Niraj Khakse

Founder & Lead Photographer

Tilak Kapgate

Marketing Manager & Videographer

Web Shade

Web Site Maintainer / Designer