Things to remember before shooting

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Things to remember before shooting

For the first few times, going on commercial shoots can be a hard and frightening job. I remember when I was preparing for my first shoot I missed a lot of things and I had to face gruesome consequences for that. To make sure that this does not happen to you, I’ve made a small list which can be very helpful.

Prepare One Night Before

There are a lot of advantages of preparing for wedding shoots a night before, and the biggest advantage is that you can sleep in peace. Make sure your bags are ready with following items

  • Fully Charged batteries
  • Fully Emptied out SD Cards (Take backups if required)
  • Chargers : Even if you have a lot of replaceable batteries, You dont wanna take this risk.
  • SpeedLights and Video Lights (Make sure that they are working Properly
  • If you work with the porta lights then always keep an extra light tubes with you.

Preparations at the Shooting Scene

You’re work begins the moment you step foot in the venue, you can’t just stand still while the guests arrive.

  • After reaching the location of shooting, try to observe the whole scene and develop or create some unique angles in your mind.
  • Set the lights according to your shooting style. Always do this thing before arrival of guests.
  • Capture the whole decoration and the event venue. Do not forget this at any cost. 
  • Meet the person which is close to either bride or groom or both and ask him/her about the important guests. 
  • Get some creative shots during event of couple as well as other guests. Plan some unique shots for your couple according to the appearance of the couple. Also read ” Must have shots in wedding ” for getting information about how professionals shoot weddings. 
  • Observe the couple, their attire for the event and then search for some good poses on the internet similar to the look of couple.

Proper State of mind

  • Staying in the relaxed state of mind is important, If you panic during shoots that’s going to reflect in your work one way or the other
  • If you think you’re making mistakes, make sure that you’re taking multiple pictures so that they can be corrected later

That’s it, I hope the article helped you one way or the other

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